Компания IT Expert подтвердила аккредитацию EXIN


Компания IT Expert подтвердила статус Авторизованного учебного центра и Авторизованного экзаменационного центра EXIN, пройдя очередной аудит со стороны EXIN.

Аудит подтвердил соответствие IT Expert требованиям EXIN к тренинговым материалам (материалам курсов), к компетенциям и навыкам тренеров, к Системе менеджмента качества учебной и экзаменационной деятельности.


Сообщение Департамента аккредитации EXIN

Dear Mikhail Pototskiy,

I hereby would like to inform you on the result of the EXIN web-audit which has taken place at your company on 30 January 2013. During the audit an assessment has been performed on the accreditation of your organization as:

Accredited Training Provider (ATP)
Accredited Examination Center (AEC)

No non-conformities have been found during the audit. All courseware and procedures are in line with the current Accreditation Requirements and are of satisfactory quality. 

In accordance with the procedure as described in the Accreditation Guide, this audit procedure will be closed.

Kind regards,

Gijs Maarse
Accreditation Department

Radboudkwartier 223 
Radboudhof, 5th Floor